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Founded at the intersection of automotive passion and watchmaking precision, Autodromo is a distinctive brand that has carved its niche in the world of motorsport-inspired timepieces. The story of Autodromo unfolds against a backdrop of racing legends and timeless design, capturing the essence of driving culture in each meticulously crafted watch.

Bradley Price

The journey of Autodromo began in 2011 when founder Bradley Price, an automotive enthusiast and industrial designer, envisioned a brand that could translate the thrill of the open road into elegant timepieces. The name “Autodromo” itself is a nod to the iconic racing circuits that have witnessed the feats of legendary drivers.

Autodromo’s commitment to the intersection of form and function is evident in its watches, each a finely tuned instrument reflecting the aesthetics of classic race cars. The brand’s debut collection, the “Stradale,” drew inspiration from dashboard instruments of Italian sports cars, setting the tone for Autodromo’s distinctive design language.

A homage to motorsports

The watches not only pay homage to the golden era of motorsport but also embody a minimalist, modern aesthetic. Autodromo’s commitment to quality is reflected in its choice of materials, from sapphire crystals to stainless steel cases, ensuring durability and precision in every timepiece.

In the present day, Autodromo has become a beloved choice for automotive and watch enthusiasts alike. The brand has expanded its offerings with collections like the “Group B,” celebrating the high-octane era of rally racing, and the “Monoposto,” inspired by the single-seater race cars of the past. Autodromo watches continue to capture the essence of speed and precision, appealing to those who appreciate the artistry of both driving and watchmaking.

Each timepiece tells a story

As Autodromo continues to navigate the winding roads of the watch industry, its commitment to craftsmanship and automotive heritage remains unwavering. Each Autodromo timepiece tells a story, not just of timekeeping, but of the thrilling legacy of motorsport that has inspired generations. With a blend of nostalgia and modernity, Autodromo invites enthusiasts to wear a piece of automotive history on their wrists, driving the spirit of racing into the future.

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